Independent Diving

Independent Tec Diving

For those divers wishing to dive independently whilst here in Malta we provide a service which allows you to do so in comfort. We offer this service from November until May, but not outside of this period when only organised diving services will be offered.

The Independent Technical dive package starts from only 22 euros a day, includes a set of cylinders, Open or Closed circuit, weights and washing and storage of kit at TecDeepBlue. Any service that you need which is not included in the package can be provided separately, you can check out the additional service price list below. All prices shown below are per day.


Items Price
7 Litre Aluminium deco cylinder €7.50
10 Litre Aluminium deco cylinder                          €7.50
Wings harness and back plate €15
02 compatible regulator with SPG                          €5
Back gas Regulator €5
Main Reel                                                                  €5
Back up reel                                                              €5
Dive timer €5
1L dry suit supply cylinders                  €2.50
Sofnolime €7.00 per KG
Air (twin 12s)                                                            €8
Medical Grade O2                                                     €0.012 per litre
Helium fills                                                              €0.035 per litre