Organised Tec Diving

Organised Technical Diving

This is our premier service and we provide our vehicles and guides to allow you to concentrate on the diving and not have to worry about the logistics of organising everything that goes into arranging a successful  technical dive. There are no time limitations on these dives, so you can get the most out of your technical diving skills.

Included in the price of the Technical dive is the twin set or CCR cylinders for the unit, weights, transport, kit storage and VAT. You also have at your disposal an experienced Technical guide/support diver.

Any other technical services that you require, e.g Deco cylinders or sofnolime, are priced separately  on the  ‘Technical services price list’ below


1-dive …………….€58                        



Technical services price list

All prices are per day, in Euros, Helium and Oxygen are priced per litre.

Boat Charter ….approx. €25-€50 per person, per dive. (Price varies according to how many are on the boat)     

Items Price
7 Litre Aluminium deco cylinder €7.50
10 Litre Aluminium deco cylinder                          €7.50
Wings harness and back plate €15
02 compatible regulator with SPG                          €5
Back gas Regulator €5
Main Reel                                                                 €5
Back up reel                                                              €5
Dive timer €5
1L dry suit supply cylinders                  €2.50
Sofnolime €7.00 per KG
Air (twin 12s)                                                           €8
Medical Grade O2                                                     €0.012 per litre
Helium fills                                                              €0.035 per litre