General Information

Now based in St Julian’s with over 16 years of technical diving experience, TecDeepBlue aims to provide the highest quality experience possible for visiting experienced divers. Jonathan Thomas and Stuart Jones set up TecDeepBlue to become the first dedicated Technical diving facility in Malta. The centre provides the highest level of attention to detail of any dive centre in Malta. Expeditions, leisure diving, courses can all be arranged from a facility specifically set up for Tech Diving.

We have developed over the years special packages for the different needs of visiting technical diving groups. We can provide everything that you could need, from the bare minimum, tanks and gas to independent divers, to a full organised diving package. If you want to organise an expedition to visit Malta’s Deep Wrecks, ┬áteach in Malta’s warm clear waters, or do some diving out of the reach of normal recreational divers, we can provide you with the best service that a visiting technical diver could desire. Space, comfort and peace of mind.

You can do this knowing that safety is at the heart of everything that is provided, from the best quality gas and compressors available, to the time taken in choosing good quality knowledgeable staff. Basically, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your diving.